Cabeleireiros e salões de cabeleireiro

Os salões de cabeleireiro têm vários estilos e tamanhos. Quer prefiras esbanjar em reservas regulares, ou saltar de salão em salão, segundo a tua localização e o teu orçamento, uma coisa é certa - todos precisamos um bom corte de vez em quando e o cabeleireiro é o sítio certo.
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Hair salons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some cater to high end hair cuts, and others for your no-fuss, in and out cut and blow-dry. Whether you prefer to splurge on regular hair appointments with a high profile stylist, or like to chop and change to suit your location and your budget, one thing is for certain - we all need a good trim every so often and a hair salon is the place to do it.

Lots of salons specialise in a particular look or a style of cutting so it's wise to do a bit of research into the salon first. If they have a portfolio, be sure to have a flick through it to see what style they tend to work to. This is a smart way to avoid leaving your hairdressers with a look you don't want.

If you're one of the many people that book into their local hairdressers for a weekly blow-dry then you'll know how therapeutic it can be. Not only do you emerge with a head of effortlessly styled, glossy hair, you also get a blissful half an hour of uninterrupted me-time to break up that hectic work schedule. If you like to get the most out of your salon visit, why not indulge in a little retail therapy? Many salons now carry an impressive range of products, and will treat you to far more than just a trim. From artisan coffees to killer cocktails and even creches for children, today's hairdressers are quickly adapting to their client's needs, offering a large selection of add-ons to help turn your visit into a pampering experience, and far more than just your run of the mill haircut.

But let's not forget your reliable local hairdressers, the ones who come rain or shine are guaranteed to get the job done, without the bows and ribbons. If swanky salons aren't your thing, there are plenty of hairdressers up and down the country that will give you a great haircut without the extra pomp and price tag. Regardless of the type of the hairdressers you choose, what's going to keep you coming back time after time is your stylist. So when you find a good one, hold onto them!

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