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Os nail bar são do melhor. Entras sentindo-te fastidiosa e descuidada e sais sentindo-te uma rainha. Quer seja um arranjo rápido, um set completo de acrílicas, ou uma pedicure néon arrojada, os centros de manicure têm o poder de transformar as tuas unhas e melhorar a tua disposição.
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Your nails say a lot about you. Short or long, square or oval, fake or natural, whatever you go for make sure they're perfectly polished by taking a trip to your nearest nail bar or nail salon. Today, most of us have our nails done as part our regular beauty regime, rather than save it just for special occasions.

Dedicated nail bars are popping up everywhere, of course you can still get your nails done in most hair and beauty salons, but a nail bar is the place to go for a specialist service. It's here you'll find the latest nail art trends and the biggest choice of colours - why restrict yourself to a handful of shades when you could mix it up at every appointment. Every season nail bars update their colour selection with a fresh-from-the-catwalk palette which ranges from wearable neutrals through to experimental trend hues. The choice is endless!

If you've never experienced a professional paint job before then you're in for a treat. A trained, professional nail technician has a level of precision that's impressive to even the most practiced DIY nail painter. Your cuticles will look neater, your polish shinier and the shape of your nails smoother and more defined. One of the best treatments to try is the classic French manicure - timeless but nigh on impossible to perfect on your own. Whether you're right or left-handed, using a brush or stick ons, those damn white tips are a nightmare even if you're a steady painter.

And it's not just colour that's the in question when you take a trip to the nail bar. You'll be offered a range of different types of manicure or pedicure. Gels, shellac and acrylics are longer lasting than regular nail polish and reduce the risk of peeling and chipping the minute you walk out of the salon. You can have these on both your hands and your feet or mix and match depending on how often you want to change your colour.

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