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Se estiveres à procura do rosto perfeito, muitos salões de beleza oferecem uma gama de tratamentos que satisfazem a tua pele. Cheios de pessoal com formação especializada para chegar ao fundo de qualquer problema de pele, reservar um tratamento facial é um primeiro passo importante para voltares a ter a tua pele no bom caminho.
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If you cleanse, tone, moisturise and take your makeup off before bed then you're already doing a great job of looking after your skin. As well as a great at-home care regime and drinking as much water as possible, a professional facial at a beauty salon that specialises in skin can really take your complexion to the next level.

Improving the look of lines, crow's feet and wrinkles can easily be done with the right treatment. As can repairing the telltale signs of sun damage. Conditions such as rosacea and eczema will all benefit from a skilled set of hands and even acne scarring can be reduced with treatments such as laser, dermarolling and microdermabrasion. Whatever your skin type might be; dry, oily, sensitive or combination you can be safe in the knowledge that the therapists you'll find in a beauty salon can customise a facial to suit your needs. A combination of professional products and high-tech skin gadgets will give your skin the boost it needs.

Never had a facial before? Let's start with the Classic Facial then. Designed to give your skin some much needed attention, the classic facial can be described as a super-charged session of cleansing, toning and moisturising. You'll be given a double cleanse, a deep exfoliation and most likely be steamed to help loosen dirt trapped in pores. Many classic facials use extraction techniques to squeeze black and white heads out of your pores before they become serious breakouts. A pampering mask is usually applied and afterwards you'll be treated to a blissful facial massage. Results are temporary but with regular treatments you'll see long- lasting benefits we promise.

For the serious-about-skin types amongst you check out your local medi skin clinic for the latest in high-tech treatments and techniques. Here you'll find targeted, specialist treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical skin peels, botox, laser, and even cosmetic surgery. You'll also be able to stock up on the most potent collagen boosting and anti-aging active ingredient packed products here as well. It really does pay to consult a professional.

And it doesn't stop there. Beauty salons tend to every part of your face including those all important eyebrows and eyelashes. Combine a facial with a spot of brow- grooming and lash-extending and you'll be ready for anything. You can even have pesky facial hair removed with a spot of IPL or threading while you're at it.

If a beauty salon sounds like the place for you then let us help you find it. No matter if it needs to be close to the office for handy lunchtime appointments or on your local high-street, we have an array of salons suited to every budget and location. Get ready to get your glow on...

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